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Studio-D Services: Massage
Studio-D Services: Massage
Lay back, relax and let the healing hands of Studio-D take care of the rest. Tension simply melts away as your muscles are gently kneaded from the top of your head down to your tired toes. You’ll leave the lavish ambiance of Studio-D in total relaxation and complete satisfaction. On the go? Try our invigorating 30-minute massage. Need to unwind? Bask in a luxurious 60-minute meltdown.

15 Minute - Relaxation Chair Massage  
30 Minute - Back & Relaxation Massage  
60 Minute - Relaxation Massage  
60 Minute - Sweedish Massage  
60 Minute - Deep Tissue Massage  
60 Minute - Lymphatic Massage  
10-Session Package  
117 NE 2nd Avenue . Miami . Florida .
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